My Yoga Story

Hi! I’m Georgina Sasha,

born and raised in the Philippines, now living in Nevada with the man I never dreamed of having, but who turned out to be my other half. Growing up, I never envisioned becoming the homemaker and yoga lover that I am today. I was one of those girls who always saw myself in fancy dresses, sleek blazers, and high heels, earning for my family in the fast-paced corporate world. It was as if I was born for the hustle, and shortly after college, I dove into it headfirst. I enjoyed and loved every bit of my banking career and the Executive Consultant that I was.

And for more than five years it was my life—meetings, contracts, tallies on a board. Rinse and repeat.

Then I met my husband on the chaotic streets of Makati City, the New York of the Philippines, and it upended my life in a way I never saw coming.

In just a few months’ time I exchanged my high heels for a pair of rugged boots, my blazers for crop tops, my dresses for leggings, and I found myself trekking through the jungles of Thailand, barefoot on tropical beaches, then traveling across the United States in a tiny home on wheels. 

But then Lyme disease hit us both.

Our world started crumbling down as we fought for our lives and searched for cure. My devoted love for yoga began shortly after I got diagnosed in 2017. I was pulled in not because I was interested in exotic poses or even inversions, but rather because I was in extreme pain and seeking healing.

Yoga instantly became my Lyme lifeline.

While being fully present in every practice with my yoga mat, the yogic lifestyle naturally worked its wonders in me, despite not having studied the philosophies of what “yoga” really is all about. It involved shaping my attitude, nurturing good habits, becoming self-aware of the little things we do that affects mother nature, and basically becoming congruent with the principles, morals, and ethics of yoga. 

After a year of consistent practice,

I started noticing little improvements, especially with my strength and flexibility, and the benefits kept flooding in. The magic of yoga didn’t just help heal my aches and pain, but it also transformed my body and soul in a way I can’t put into words. I knew from that day on, this urge to share yoga with the world is what I wanted to pursue in my future.

Now here I am. It is an honor to be sharing this passion with you.

Radiating love & good vibes,

"The prana flows where attention goes."

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