How to get $1 rebate from my Organic Flows?

Before anything else, you need to purchase the flow before you get a rebate. After that, follow these 3 easy steps below.


STEP 1. Sign-up here

To sign up, you must have a public Instagram account. Accounts that are private, fraudulent, or with unusually low engagement (like a bot or a stalker account) will not qualify. Most accounts qualify, so if your IG account is real, you don't even need to worry. You will be notified right away when you're qualified.

STEP 2. Link Your Instagram Story

Tag @georginaflows in your story with regards to your recent purchase. It could be a picture of you from any yoga poses from the flow, a video/timelapse of you flowing with me, or even a screenshot of your purchase from my online shop. Make sure the tag is clickable for the app to recognize it. Then hit "I Posted" from your Guru Club account to automatically link your story.

STEP 3. Tada! Get Your $1 Rebate!

When your story is approved and expired, you'll be rewarded with a refund/rebate that will reflect on whatever payment method you used to purchase from my shop.



That's it! Once you have an account with, you are now able to tag me in your stories every time you purchase from my shop, and get your rebate without having to go through the process of signing up again.