This purchase is valid for a SINGLE protocol. Meaning, I will only create your Personalized Protocol based from ONE question/scenario. 

When you purchase this, I'll help you achieve your goals whether that be an asana (yoga pose), or simply how to get mobile shoulders for your pincha practice, maybe you are working on "bird of paradise" pose and you feel very tight in your lower body, or you need help with your scoliosis, etc.

I will be creating a personalized protocol via email for what you can do daily or weekly that meets your individual needs. The protocol shall be built upon the videos in my Rainbow Challenge.

This is NOT how to get you in to handstands nor any deep backbends. Below are examples of what is NOT included in this purchase:

  • How to press?
  • How to get upside down (or any inversions)?
  • How to do Kapotasana?
  • How to learn splits?

But rather, below are examples of how to utilize my Personalized Protocol based from the questions above:

  • How to achieve strength and flexibility to eventually get to "press" in handstands or any inversions? 
  • How can I achieve a "slow & controlled" in my  inversions?
  • What are the ways to eventually get to Kapotasana?
  • What can I do to eventually get into splits?

See the differences? This is not "how to" do it, but rather how I can help you to achieve it. Getting into the "How to's" require a much private attention and I am currently not accepting private bookings due to not knowing how I would feel the next day or so because of my Lyme condition. So I apologize. I don't want to blow up our scheduled appointment hence I created this Personalized Protocol.

I'll have the right to refund your purchase if I think your concern is not something I consider covered in my Personalized Protocol. If you still have any questions regarding this, please send me a message here.



Georgina is not a doctor nor a specialist. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT® 200). You may consult your doctor before starting any of her routine/program/videos. Results may vary from person to person based on one's health condition or how the abnormal spine curvature is formed (for scoliosis patients), and other factors to consider. There is no guarantee of specific results. By using any of Flow with Georgina videos, you understand and agree that you are performing these movements at your own risk. Neither Georgina Sasha Krauss nor any persons associated with her have any liability to you for any harm, injury, or loss you may suffer in regards to any content they post online.