Rainbow Challenge

Welcome to my colorful yoga challenge! This is your ultimate guide to give you a BASIC strength & flexibility foundation for future arm balances, inversions like handstands, deeper backbends, or just wanting to feel good!

I created this easy mix & match program for people who don't know where to begin in their physical practice, for scoliosis & chronic pain warriors like me, and even for seasoned practitioners. There's room for everyone!

THE GOAL: Complete the rainbow colors in a day, a week, or according to your body's capabilities. For extra challenge, you can even double the rainbow, or for extra extra challenge, try tripling the rainbow!

Make sure to download the PDF guide to get you started! ⇢ CLICK HERE

All the videos you will need will be linked below for easier access! Don't forget to tag me on your journey so I can join your happy pain experience!

Sending you immense energy and happy vibes!

Rainbow makes me happy, and whenever I feel down or in pain, as simple as dressing up colorfully instantly boosts my mood or helps to alleviate the pain. And I hope these videos will bring a little bit of that to your day and that you will enjoy these videos as much as I enjoy creating them. I poured my heart and soul in to this program and I wish you the best journey as you practice with me.

Remember, don't focus on your goal but focus on completing the rainbow colors...because I know it will help lead to your goal! Trust the process, connect your mind to your body as you do these movements. And remember, consistency is key! Namaste yogis! 🙏🏽