Video length: 12mins
Instructions: Voice over
Peak level: 4
Peak poses: mermaid pose, low lunge bind, standing splits, warrior poses, pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), chin stand 


This class will leave you feeling energize in a calming type of flow. The vibes is with a relaxing background music, but it is a power-up flow. We will move in a not so slow pace, but also not very fast. For me, this is my "medium speed" type of flow. 

Peak Level 4 means there could be between 4 and 8 peak poses. A peak pose also differs for everyone. So this is mainly how I would rate this flow.

Reminder not to push when your body is not ready for it. So if the pose is a little difficult for you, just stay where you are, maybe pause, and follow along on the next asana/pose.

I hope you enjoy this power-up but gentle class. I'll see you on the mat!


DISCLAIMER: Georgina is not a doctor nor a specialist. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT® 200). You should consult your doctor before starting any of her routine/program/videos. Results may vary from person to person based on one's health condition or how the abnormal spine curvature is formed (for scoliosis patients), and other factors to consider. There is no guarantee of specific results. By using any of Flow with Georgina videos, you understand and agree that you are performing these movements at your own risk. Neither Georgina Sasha Krauss nor any persons associated with her have any liability to you for any harm, injury, or loss you may suffer in regards to any content they post online.